About Mama Wale's Rice

Mama Wale's Rice is a lively and vibrant restaurant that serves freshly cooked West African party Rice, also known as Jollof Rice and Fried Rice. These rice dishes are very popular in Nigeria and are often the center of attraction at celebrations, events, or even in daily home cooking.

Our Executive Chef and creator, Linda, aka Mama Wale, has spent over 50 years perfecting the taste, quality, and flavor of these party Rice dishes. Linda is well known and highly respected in the Nigerian and West African community because of her Jollof Rice and signature Fried Rice.

The rice dishes are served with beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables, and the marinated sauce used to cook the Jollof Rice is Linda's secret recipe. This sauce is a blend of Linda's secret ingredients, and she is the first generation to create it. It has since been passed down to her children.